How Promotional Marketing Materials For Events Differ


Promotional marketing materials are critical for many types of events. However, promotional marketing materials for events differ from many other products. Especially if you think you're going to need to hire a full-service promotional material print studio to do some work, it's important to understand these differences.

Standing Out

Regardless of your preferred distribution channels, you're going to need materials that'll cut through the noise. Standing out when people look at posters, receive mailers, and take fliers all the time is a challenge. The inks need to pop, and the quality control has to be excellent. Otherwise, people are going to dismiss the marketing effort as low-grade so you want tight design and production values.


Everybody wants excellent proofreading for their promotional marketing materials. For event organizers, though, it's essential. If even one number in a phone number is off, attendance could plummet because people can't contact the organizers. The same goes for social media pages, email addresses, and other points of contact. Everyone at a full-service marketing print studio understands this and will work hard to proofread your materials as thoroughly as possible.


The call to action is central to most promotional marketing materials for events. If you need people to buy tickets, it has to be abundantly clear where and how to get them. People who need to pre-register also need to know how to start the process. Similarly, the CTA needs to indicate what the timeframe for the event is so no one is disappointed if they come across the materials too late to attend.

Time-Dependent Printing

You are also likely going to use a set of boilerplate designs that are then modified based on the time-dependent nature of the event. Especially if the event will change times and locations during a tour, you'll need significant flexibility. The materials producer has to make modifications and proofread them rapidly, especially if you're going to add new dates on short notice.

Integration with Other Marketing Efforts

Most folks promoting events will have multichannel marketing efforts. Everything needs to integrate seamlessly. If you're using a set of logos and colors on your brochures, for example, then those have to match what people see when they follow up by visiting your website. Especially with highly branded marketing efforts, you want to keep everything as on-brand as possible. This means nitpicking everything down to the brand's preferred fonts and color codes.

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23 May 2023

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