Why Linear TV Ads Still Pay Off In Your Local Market


As a small business owner who works in the local community, what you focus on most is being a notable business in your community. You want to reach out to the widest audience you can within your geographic area and you don't want to leave any marketing stone unturned. This is why you should give linear TV ads a closer look.

What are linear TV ads? How, in this modern technological world where everything is instant and people don't have to watch classic TV, is linear TV advertising beneficial? You'll learn what you need to know to get you started in linear TV advertisement so you know what your next marketing move should be.

What linear TV ads are

Linear television is the classic way that people watch TV. While many people choose to watch a TV show on an app or via a cable service where they can pick and choose what show they want to watch, still others watch TV the classic way — via tuning in to a specific television station to watch a programmed show. People who watch the news or watch a specific series on a special channel, for example, are those who watch linear TV.

Why linear TV works for your small business

Linear TV ads can be especially beneficial to small, local businesses who want to reach out to their local community in a more specific way. How? Because those who watch local television channels and specific channels that are popular in your area will be the ones your linear TV ads would reach. In addition to reaching your target market via social media, your website, classic billboard advertisement, and the local newspaper, you can use linear TV ads to help your company stand out.

What linear TV ads cost

What you pay for linear TV ads for your business varies depending on a few factors. What channel you want your ads on, how long your ads are, and how often you want them to pop up — and even what time you want them to show up on air — will determine what your marketing costs will be using this route. Local stations may not get as much viewership and can be cheaper to advertise on. Your marketing specialist will help you choose the best avenue for posting linear TV ads for your business.

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30 November 2020

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