4 Tips for Creating a Stellar Classified Ad for Your Antique Furniture Piece


Selling antique furniture pieces online is a good way to attract buyers from long distances. However, you have to be relatively good at marketing when creating a furniture classified ad. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind. 

1. Include enough pictures of the piece, inside and out. 

You can't really have too many pictures when you are selling a piece of antique furniture via an online classified ad. Some sellers make the mistake of only showing the face of the piece. For instance, with a vintage wardrobe, they may only include a snapshot of the front of the piece. Buyers are going to want to see more of the furniture, so get pictures from several different angles to show a better view. If the piece has drawers or cabinets, open them fully so the viewer can get a look at the inside. 

2. Incorporate your listing with the right keywords for the piece. 

With any online content, keywords are important, even if you are only posting a classified ad. When people searching for something in particular for sale type in what they want, Google and other search engines utilize data available on a website, including certain keyphrases, to yield logical search results. If you are posting your piece of a searchable site, the same rules apply. Therefore, consider the words people may use when searching for the piece and incorporate those into your listing. For example, a vintage four-post bed may include keywords like "four-post bed" or "canopy bed."

3. Be sure to give in-depth details about any issues with the piece. 

Vintage furniture pieces usually pick up a few scars and marks along the way, and it is not uncommon for some parts of a piece to be restored. If any of this applies to the piece you are selling, make sure to offer those details fully in your classified ad. 

4. Find out who manufactured the piece. 

If you do not know already, make sure you take the time to find out who made the piece before you create the furniture classified listing. The manufacturer of the piece may seem insignificant to you, but this can be incredibly important to a collector. Therefore, when they are searching for pieces online, they may key in the manufacturer's name. If you have included the brand or maker in the listing, this means there is a better chance your listing will be discovered. 


27 August 2020

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