Incorporating Door Hangers Into Your Business's Marketing Campaign


Door hangers are among the most cost-effective methods of marketing that a small business can utilize. In addition to being highly cost-effective, these hangers can also be extremely effective due to them being highly targeted to those in the area near or served by your business.

Opt For Bright Colors

When you are evaluating potential designs for your door hangers, you should pay particular attention to the colors that you use on it. By utilizing bright and eye-catching colors, you can increase the chances that potential customers actually pay attention to the print on the hanger. Otherwise, they may simply throw out the hanger without giving it much attention. Additionally, you can opt for contrasting colors to further increase the ability of the hanger to draw attention. Many door hanger printing services will charge by the number of colors that are used, and this can lead to you needing to make an effort to limit the total number of colors that you include in the design for your hangers.

Keep The Message Short

You may have the temptation to include as much information as possible on your door hangers. However, this can actually overwhelm the individuals that receive the hangers, and this can lead to them ignoring much of the information that you include. Keeping your message as concise as possible is important for allowing individuals to quickly read the document in a few seconds. Being concise while still having effective copywriting can be a challenge that requires specialized experience. As a result, you may be best serviced by hiring a professional copywriter to handle the text for your door hangers.

Consider The Value Of Laminating The Hangers

One problem that can occur with using door hangers is that they can be damaged by exposure to the elements. More specifically, water is extremely damaging to these hangers as it can cause the text to fade. Unfortunately, rain is not the only cause of this problem as it is also possible for it to result from condensation forming on the hanger. Luckily, you can protect your hangers from being ruined by moisture by opting for them to be laminated. By laminating the hangers, you can dramatically increase their durability. In addition to lasting longer, laminated door hangers may also give potential customers a better impression than ones made of paper. While laminating the door hangers will increase the costs, it can be worth it for protecting the hangers from damage.

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9 March 2020

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