Why You Should Pay Extra For Prime Time Advertising Slots


People looking to advertise on TV are often floored by the wide range of pricing options. It may be dirt cheap to advertise at three in the morning, but jaw-droppingly expensive at seven in the evening. The reason for the drastic price range has everything to do with how and when most consumers watch TV, and nobody is really watching in the early to late morning hours. They are all watching during prime time, and that is why these slots cost more. However, if you are set on paying for TV advertising, you definitely should pay extra for prime time slots. Here is why. 

Millions of Consumers Are Watching TV During This Time 

It is not called "prime time" for nothing. This phrase was coined in the fifties and sixties when television broadcasting systems realized that most people would tune in to watch a show because they had finished dinner and were home for the evening. Along with hundreds of TV shows vying for these time slots every year, advertising companies have been recruiting companies to advertise during these hours for maximum exposure. There are literally millions of TV consumers watching programs during the hours of six and eleven every night, which means that your company's ads would be viewed hundreds of times. 

The ROI Is Proven

ROI is an investment acronym meaning "return on investment." Your ROI on investing in advertising during prime-time TV hours more than makes up for what you spend. This is why so many companies jockey for advertising spots during these hours every night. Your competitors that advertise during these hours already know how much of a profit margin they will make when they can squeeze one of their commercials in between two popular TV programs. Stop looking at the cost and start looking at it as an investment in the success of your business. 

Two or Three Commercials Becomes Thousands in Profit

It does not cost much to shoot a commercial. Most ad companies will shoot low-budget commercials and sell their services to you for a bargain price. They know that the real money to be made is in placing your commercials in the time slots you want, and they try to accommodate. Just two or three commercials can turn thousands in profit within a month. If you are really lucky, and you get the best ad time slot, you might even turn millions.


23 November 2019

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