Provide Your Shoppers With A Positive Sensory Experience


People who are shopping for housewares or furnishings may be more inclined to stay at a store if their sensory experience is positive. Have you ever gone shopping at a business that was cluttered and experienced a foul odor wafting throughout the premises? If so, your reaction may have been one of disgust and you may have decided to go elsewhere to do business. Use this recollection when deciding if a commercial air duct scent system will benefit your business atmosphere.

A Scent System Will Gently Release An Aroma

Even a pleasant scent can seem like one that is unfavorable if too much of an odor is present. This is often true in settings where too much perfume or an air freshener has been sprayed. Instead of overpowering your clients, a scent system will be gently introducing an aroma that is pleasant and that eliminates musty or stale-smelling odors.

Since new products are often affiliated with a fresh, clean scent, it is only fitting that you add a similar scent quality to the air inside of your business. A scent system is connected to the ductwork that is part of your store's HVAC system. A cartridge will slowly release an aroma and the intensity level of the scent can be increased or decreased with the touch of a button.

Each Cartridge Is Eco Friendly And Long Lasting

Scent cartridges are safe for the environment and can discreetly be used on a daily basis. After having a scent system installed, allow the odor to spread throughout the premises and adjust the intensity of the scent if you find it to be too powerful or not strong enough. If your store is relatively large, you will likely need to keep the scent adjustment set to high.

Two benefits of using this type of technology is that the scent will spread evenly throughout the premises, since the odor is released through the ducts that are connected to your heating and air unit. Additionally, you, your employees, and your customers will be able to enjoy the fresh odor for a couple months.

Purchase plenty of spare scent cartridges so that you or a staff member can replace the current cartridge when needed. Keep your store's interior clean and organized and display some attractive decor along the end of each aisle. These extra steps will increase the likelihood that your customers will enjoy each of their shopping experiences.


1 October 2019

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