3 Tips for Marketing Your Crafts on Pinterest


Pinterest has evened the playing field for crafty people who want to get paid for their creativity. The social media website has created many opportunities to market quilts, wreaths, handmade clothing, and other crafts without spending a fortune, making it a favorite marketing tool for crafters worldwide. As of 2018, Pinterest had more than 250 million monthly active users, making it essential to get creative with your marketing to ensure you stand out from the crowd. If you want to promote your crafts on Pinterest, try these tips.

1. Take advantage of cross-promotional opportunities.

You have a limited amount of time for marketing, so getting together with other crafters and promoting each other's items is a good idea. You don't want to partner with people who sell items similar to yours, as you may lose sales to those other crafters. What you can do is create a group of people who sell complementary items. For example, if you use stamps to create handmade greeting cards, try partnering with someone who sells stamps and ink. Someone who sells card stock and other craft supplies would also be a good addition to your group. All of you can promote each other's pins, increasing traffic to your Pinterest account and making it more likely that you will make sales. Partner with a Pinterest account management software service to get additional help and to save time on marketing your business yourself.

2. Post photos of your work before it is completed.

Not everyone understands the amount of work that goes into creating a handmade item. Give your followers a glimpse of your creative process by posting several photos of your work while it is still in progress. If you are making a quilt, for example, you can post a picture of the fabric squares after you sort them, a picture that shows you piecing together the squares and a picture that shows you attaching the binding. Posting photos of works in progress is a great way to give people a new appreciation for all the work you to do get your crafts ready to sell. 

3. Pin photos of your customers wearing or using your craft items.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of telling your customers that your handmade items look great, show them! When your customers post photos of themselves using your products, ask for permission to share the photos. Create a new pin for each photo so you can link directly to the product listing on your website. In the pin description, name the item, explain how the customer is using it and give the customer a compliment. For example, if you sold a holiday wreath, you can create a pin that says "Here is the Joyful Berries wreath displayed on customer Carol Smith's front door. Great job decorating your home, Carol!" Seeing how your existing customers use your crafts may inspire new followers to purchase your items.

Pinterest is an excellent marketing tool for crafters, as its emphasis on visual content makes it easy to show off your items. In addition to using these tips to market your crafts, look into getting Pinterest account management software to automate the administrative work so you can focus on crafting and connecting with customers.


5 February 2019

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