2 Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Corporate Apparel


Corporate apparel is apparel that is designed specifically for your organization. This apparel is generally given to employees or used for marketing purposes and given away to customers. When creating custom apparel, you need to think about how you want to represent your company, what apparel you use, and how this apparel is related to your business.

How to Represent Your Company

The first thing that you need to consider is how you want your company represented. Do you want to put the company name on the apparel? Do you want to put the company logo on the apparel? Consider what part of your company branding is most recognizable and widely used in other marketing material; that is what you are going to want to put on your custom apparel.

If you are having the apparel produced for a special occasion, you are going to want to think about how you are going to connect to that occasion for the apparel. For example, if you are celebrating 5-years in business, are you going to put something about the 5-year anniversary on the apparel? If so, be sure to make the design of whatever special event you are celebrating fit in line with the designs and colors of your other company branding. Make sure that it is also clear what event is being celebrated.

What Type of Apparel to Use

Second, you need to think about the type of apparel that you want to use. T-shirts or sweaters are commonly used for company-associated gear, as it is easy to make these items uni-sex and these are two types of apparel items that almost everyone can use. These are great choices if the custom apparel will be used by employees.

If you are giving away the custom apparel for marketing purposes, you may want to get a little more creative. As t-shirts are the default apparel for all sorts of special events, the appeal to have another t-shirt for a customer may be lower.

Instead, give them some apparel that they may be more likely to need or use multiple times, such as a sweatband, drawstring bag, canvas bag, water bottle, or similar item that is useful and makes sense for your company to give away.

When you create custom apparel, be sure to think carefully about how to represent your company and what type of apparel to use. For help in designing and manufacturing your own promotional custom apparel, turn to a company like AD-MARK Promotional Products today.


28 September 2018

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