Tips For Increasing The Efficacy Of Your Marketing Tour


A marketing tour is when you have a team travel from place to place and give out samples of your product, answer consumer questions, and generally promote your brand in person around the country. These marketing tours can be expensive, but if done right, they can be a huge boost to your overall level of brand recognition in the area and therefore a boost to your sales. Here are some tips for making sure that your mobile marketing tour is as effective as possible.

1. Advertise Each Stop

Your first step is to advertise each stop that you are planning to make before you actually get there. If you are going to a college campus, ask the liaison with the college to put up flyers ahead of time and make announcements. The reason why you want to do this is because it builds hype for the company and for the tour itself. If you are giving out an energy drink, you want people to actually be excited about coming over and asking about the product, rather than trying to entice people to come over by shouting at them. 

Increase your social media presence about each tour as well in order to increase the amount of people who know about your stop and are excited about it.

2. Make Sure That Your Tour Trailer Has a Vehicle Wrap

Regardless of the vehicle that you choose to use for your mobile marketing tour, you want to be absolutely sure that it has a vehicle wrap on it. The reason for this is that a vehicle wrap on your vehicle will provide the kind of advertising and interest you need to get as many eyes on your tour as possible. The wrap will also improve brand recognition because it will drastically increase the number of people who are actually looking at your wrap. Finally, it will allow you to easily customize even a rental trailer.

3. Give Something Away

Finally, make sure that you are giving something away. This will help increase the chances that people will actually want to go out of their way to engage with you and make it a lot easier for you to actually get people's attention. If you don't have a sample of your product to give away, make sure that you are at least giving away small products that have the name of your company on them.

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29 December 2016

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