How A Website Copywriter Can Increase Your Bottom Line


When visitors come to your company's website and can't find what they are looking for at a glance, they become frustrated and find someone else that can help them. Since the majority of users are now using smartphones to access websites, you should also ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. If you aren't well-versed in website creation and optimization, it is important to look to an expert to provide assistance in this area. The best place to turn is to a professional website copywriter.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Website Copywriter

When you hire a professional website copywriter to handle your website content needs, you reap several benefits.

  1. No need to think up content ideas. If you are having difficulty coming up with ideas for content, you can assign this to your copywriter. They can pitch a list of ideas to you, and you can choose one or all of these ideas to be turned into blog posts and other content for your website.
  2. More time to focus on other areas of business. Writing content for your website is time-consuming, especially if it's not a task that you particularly enjoy. When you assign this work to a professional website copywriter, you relieve yourself of this burden so you can focus on other aspects of your business that need your attention.

What Your Professional Copywriter Will Include on Your Website

In a recent survey, the top complaints from website visitors were a lack of information and the inability of users to find what they need. This obstacle will not only frustrate visitors to your small business website, it can also cost you sales. Users typically spend less than 30 seconds perusing a new website; if they can't find what they are looking for, they click away to another site that can provide what they need. As a result, it is imperative that you and your marketing team build a comprehensive website and update it regularly with relevant information. This task should be left in the hands of a professional website copywriter to ensure that it is done properly.  

Your professional website copywriter will include the following pieces of information on your website, at a minimum:

  • Location, hours, contact information 
  • List of services provided 
  • Relevant documents for consumers (information forms, price lists) 
  • Links to relevant information 
  • Contact form so users can contact you after business hours 
  • Blog posts , news items, and client reviews 

The benefits of hiring a website copywriter to handle your business copywriting needs far outweigh any cost associated with adding another person to your marketing team. If you hire a freelance artist, you will save money by outsourcing the work. Don't lose current or potential customers with a lackluster website lacking in information; hire a professional like Articulated Brands to handle the task so you can focus on daily business operations.


18 October 2016

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