Four Spring Cleaning Tips To Help Move Your Business Forward


Each month, there are around 543,000 new businesses starting up in the United States. Many of these businesses will fail, while many others will flourish and prosper. In an effort to be successful, businesses will need to work on generating new leads and sales, removing the clutter, and outsourcing tasks that are not time effective for the company. By taking care of these things, your business will have a better chance at growing and succeeding. With 50% to 70% of startups not making it after 18 months, it is crucial to keep focused and remove distractions that could be harming your business. Here are four spring cleaning tips to help you grow your business better. 

Designate Time for Growth

As you start removing clutter from your day, it is important to fill that time with productive tasks like looking for leads and growing your business. One way to do this is by joining a networking group that can help provide you tips and referrals. You also want to make sure you are focusing on your existing customers in order to retain them. In fact, it cost 7 times more to get a new customer than it does to retain a customer. Look for ways to convert clicks to sales if you have an online business by working with a marketing firm with experience in strategic growth consulting

Delegate Tasks

Whether you are cleaning the toilets or working on payroll, your time is valuable. If you can outsource certain tasks to someone else at a cheaper rate, this is better for your company's bottom line. Make a list of all your responsibilities and decide which ones would be more valuable to outsource to someone else. Many times, outsourcing payroll, cleaning, and scheduling can be better for your business because it allows you to spend your time on a task that can actually grow your business and bring in more money. 

Find a Good Mentor

Another great way to move your business in the right direction is to surround yourself with successful people. If you want your business to succeed, you have to find out what the right formula is. This can be done by talking with other business owners to determine what has worked for them and what did not work. 

Clean Out Distractions

Social media, emails, and internet usage can take over your day very quickly. While you may plan to spend only a few minutes online, it can easily draw you in for hours. To remain focused on your business, you need to remove the distractions. If this is a struggle for you, then set up a firewall that limits what you can do online. 


27 May 2016

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