How Long Tail Keywords Can Save A Small Business


Small businesses that are joining the internet and social media in the hopes of building up their customer base will have a lot of competition. There are large companies that are often found under specific keywords and phrases that have been established for many years. Small companies will also have to compete with other small businesses on the internet when it comes to finding consumer interest in their niche. If you are a small company that is looking to gain better notoriety, you can find success using more long tail keywords. Here is how long tail keywords can help build up your brand.

People often search in longer phrases

The internet is now on many devices, including computers, tablets, phones, televisions, and even watches. Many people will enter or speak an entire sentence when searching for an answer, rather than just a short keyword. When it comes to search engine optimization or seo, it is common to realize that a lot of shorter keywords product hundreds of thousands of hits. However, when it comes to longer keywords and phrases, the competition gets a little more whittled down. With whittled-down competition, you can become an authority on your long stem topic and reach the top spots in social media and internet searches.

You can get your own hashtag

Social media has gone has tag crazy. People on social media use hashtags for products, expressions, and any other thing that may come to mind. One of the best ways to corner a piece of the consumer market is to create your own long tail keyword for usage. You can make the keyword something fun or clever in order to get individuals to utilize it on social media. For instance, the owner of a supermarket in a young, hip area may want to use the hashtag #slideintomysupermarket as a cute, clever long tail hashtag. Make sure to use this keyword in all of your posts and display in your marketing materials and in the store itself. All hashtags that you use on social media should also be used on your website to create easy continuity.

You find your own passion

When you are digging deep down into the premise of your company to come up with a niche keyword, the keywords that you choose to concentrate on may actually tell you a lot about where you see the direction of your business. For instance, if a real estate firm is looking for a long tail seo approach, they may come up with the long tail keyword of "local townhomes in distress." The real estate company may begin to concentrate on selling distressed and damaged homes in the local area as their niche. Make sure your long tail keyword will work for your company and make sure it is the type of work that you would like to concentrate on in the near future.


22 January 2016

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