Touchdown!: Three Ways To Score Sports Tickets On The Fly


When you find that you suddenly have to entertain a group of people from work or friends from out-of-town, you might be at a loss as to what to do. Most people opt to go to a sporting event since the tickets are fairly easy to get. If you do decide to take your crew out to a game, here are three ways to score sports tickets on the fly and surprise your visitors.

Sports Ticket Management Apps

Since smartphones are often glued to many people's hips, you can pick yours up and use it to buy tickets. All you have to do is select one or two sports ticket management apps, download them to your phone, and then scroll through the apps' screens to pick the event you want to attend. These apps also allow the user to change the ticket quantity, and to choose seats based off of price and location. Some of these apps are already associated with the arenas, stadiums and rinks so that the only thing you have to do when you get to the door is flash a bar code on the screen of your phone and your whole group goes through. The rest of the time, you will need to either pick up the tickets at the event window or order them a couple of days in advance for ticket management groups that mail the tickets to you.

Call Ticket Management Groups

There are a couple of popular ticket management groups that take your ticket orders right over the phone. This may prove especially helpful if you cannot scroll through an app or spend more than five minutes in front of a computer screen trying to get tickets. The price per ticket plus a handling and/or booking fee per ticket will be charged to the card you give almost immediately. The purchased ticket information is then forwarded to the event site so that you can pick the tickets up when you arrive for the event later that same day or whenever you have a moment to pick up the tickets.

Talk to a Hotel Concierge

Hotel concierges are known for getting whatever entertainment items you need in a very short time. In fact, many hotels (including some that your business guests or visitors stay at) buy a stack of sports tickets in advance, and keep them on hand until they are either purchased and used by guests or the event is over. If your visitors/guests are staying at a mid-end to high-end hotel, check with the concierge there to see if you can score some last minute tickets. Then the concierge can even deliver the tickets to your guests/visitors directly, and you do not have to worry about picking up the tickets yourself or having them delivered on time.  


3 December 2015

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