6 Ways To Advertise At Sports Stadiums


Oftentimes, it can be daunting to find new ways to advertise your business and remain competitive within your market. Sport stadium opportunities typically go overlooked by mid-size and small businesses. However, there are several different ways that businesses can take advantage of cost-effective advertising opportunities at stadiums that go overlooked. The guide below provides information on the various ways businesses can advertise at sports stadiums.

Dioramas Display

The diorama displays are the backlit signs you see when walking through the stadium halls hanging from the ceilings. These signs also provide information letting you know which section you are in at the stadium. This is good because fans at the stadium will possibly see your advertisement while looking for their specific seating section. The diorama displays can also catch the attention of fans as they provide their tickets to enter the stadium and along the stadium gate entrances as well.

Facade Units

The stadium facade units allow for unique advertising opportunities by featuring company displays on entrance arches and towers. While this signage is typically located at all entryways, it can still draw attention from attendees as they wait in line to enter the stadium.

Dasher Boards

Dasher boards are most often used for hockey arenas to prevent pucks from flying from the floor and possibly injuring a fan. Along the bottom of the dasher board, companies can have banner advertisements displayed. This is good, because the ad is stationary and on the floor where the game is played. As fans watch the game, they have the opportunity to repeatedly view your ad and possibly attract more customers.  

Courtside LED Signs

There are several different types of LED display sign advertising opportunities at sports stadiums. This includes having your electronic ad displayed on the ribbon-boards, courtside digital signs, pole pads and Heat TV stat/clock screens. These visual displays typically rotate through a variety of ads in-between providing game updates to fans that are not in their seats seeing the action live.

High Impact Displays

The high impact digital displays can be placed on walls, reflective mirrors in restrooms and kiosk displays. In addition, these displays also incorporate concourse televisions as part of their package for businesses that want to use commercials to draw attention to the fans.

Corner Stat Video Boards

There are also smaller advertising opportunities available via corner stat video boards. These boards are typically mounted around the lower seating level of the stadium, giving fans another screen to view, if they are unable to view the stadium's main video board.

If you are unsure of the type of advertising services that will work for your business, consider contacting the marketing and advertising department of the sports stadium. Click here for more information about stadium advertising.


27 May 2015

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