Learning Client Needs Through Innovation And Technology - Modern Methods In Market Research


It's a natural instinct to want to do all you can to keep your company on the cutting edge of your industry, but doing so requires the successful gathering of a wide variety of information. Indeed, you'll only be able to successfully market to potential customers if you understand their needs and are able to accurately predict their wants.

Below, you'll find a guide to some innovative techniques being used to improve the effectiveness of modern market research. Keeping these techniques in mind may drastically improve the quality of the information you're receiving, and could put you in a position to improve your sales numbers and enhance your company's stability for years to come.

Mobile Surveys

While surveys have long been an important tool in providing direct feedback from customers, the difficulty has always been in finding ways to get people to take them. In years past, it may have been common to see marketers out at shopping malls with clipboards trying to lure in consumers, but as technology has changed, so too have effective survey techniques.

The prevalence of mobile devices which can access the internet has allowed for survey taking to be put directly into the hands of consumers. This increased convenience makes your customers far more likely to participate in your market research and could provide you with vital information.

Social Media Analytics

Social media features such as hashtags and other conversation metrics are valuable not only for promoting social inclusion, but also as a means of market analysis. Seeing what topics are commonly discussed can give you an idea of where attention is focused and where, perhaps, your marketing efforts should be directed.

Integrating interactive social media into your business model will allow your company to have more direct access to your customers. With this access, you can oversee their activity and develop a better understanding of where your brand fits in to every day life and what you can do to improve its placement.


Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your marketing research may fall on deaf ears. Rather than continuing to shout at them, many businesses are seeing results from directing the conversation back at themselves. Crowdsourcing marketing strategies and information may result in a large amount of data for you to filter, but buried in that data will be extremely valuable information. Being willing to trust your customers may open you up to avenues of marketing that you may never have previously considered.


11 May 2015

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